Friday, 13 February 2009

UK Amateur Pole Performer
A competition organized for Pole Dancers, by Pole Dancers.
Pole dancing, when it was mentioned to me 5 years ago i laughed and said yes right a girl my size no chance, but after my sister started up her school and encouraged me to try it i was immediately hooked. Not being your typical slim gym girl having struggled with weight all my life i found that it gave me the buzz i needed to get my confidence back after quite a few bad blows that had happened in the past.
After going to Erotica 2004 to watch my sister perform it was amazing, the grace and skill these girls had and wow how hot they looked doing it, i never thought i would be dancing anything like these girls.
Meeting Clive from Vertical Leisure and working for my sisters dance school certainly changed my way of thinking and indeed my way of life.
Many people still think of Pole dancing as stripping, lap dancing, ect and in some cases it is. It is still popular in lap dance clubs that the girl/ boy pole dances to bring interest to them so they can give lap dances, hey no one is going to take that away. Pole dance is so many different things now. So many different dance genres it really can’t be categorized...

After 4 years in the industry and travelling worldwide to watch different performers, work different shows and promote Vertical Leisure, i received a phone call from my best friend, Kat has had a similar experience to me but for her the other way, she had issues with bulimia and dancing really changed her way of thinking, Her confidence and overall attitude to life. Crazy as it sounds and as corny as it may sound but it changed both our lives and certainly brought 2 people together who usually would have never met.

After receiving this call from Kat who seemed very chirpy and hyper about an idea the UK amateur pole performer was born.
Both Kat and I had travelled to quite a few competitions watching the pros and the amateurs, it always seemed so unfair that the amateurs would have to take the same stage as these world class dancers. So we decided that as teachers we wanted to give our students and others a like to take the stage for themselves in an environment that was just for them.
The UK Amateur Pole Performer has 3 levels

Level 1 – The Performer However long they have been dancing, they will be judged on costume, spins and dance. THE MORE OUTRAGEOUS THE BETTER THE MARK.
Level 2 - The Intermediate :This level is for those slightly more advanced.
Level 3 – the ExpertAnything Goes

We felt that adding 3 categories gave everyone from complete beginners to pole nuts the chance to compete in the right category and for none of them to feel intimidated by this.
Remembering that this is an amateur competition, one of the strict rules is that you have not earnt any money from pole dancing, teaching or performing.

We have been very lucky that we have been backed by some of the top Burlesque and Pole performers in the industry, within the judging panel we have renowned Burlesque star Miss Ivy Paige and the UK’s number one Pole dancer Sally Ann Giles, Along with Glamour model and Pole dancer Annie Norris. Sponsoring us is Vertical Leisure and Mighty grip.
Its amazing how a short phone call can then turn into a national event.
The UK Amateur Pole Performer will now be running 3 heats and an online section

18 July – Batch woods St Albans
25th July- Tokyo Huddersfield
08 August – Chameleon Wokingham
With the GRAND final in Mango Reading on the 12th September.
There will be performances from Ivy Paige, Tess Taylor, Poles Apart, Pure Pole and many more.
Tickets will be available to buy on line from 7th March 2009 on


  1. You go girl!

    I too am hosting a pole competition here in Utah. It will be May 16th.

    It is so exciting!!! Good luck.

  2. I’m so bored of the ‘stripping is empowering’ line. I’ve worked in strip bars: They only exist to pander to male sexual insecurities and they are rancid, smelly places which smell worse than ever since the smoking ban. The nature of the job tends to turn even the sweetest girl ultra competitive and bitchy, and it’s hardly a career, with new improved models elbowing their way onto the stage all the time.


  3. Wow ezzye
    i am not into all the stripping empowerment crap either as i don;t strip but have nothing against it. Each to there own girlies ......