Thursday, 26 March 2009

And Breath


Well what can i say. The world is a mad and wonderful place.

I have to state first this blog is very much my own personal space and my own personal views of things. I hate when people mis interprite it even though the blog is called x-pole fun, a bit contredicting i know but hey i have lots of fun on my x-poles :) and yes i work for them so it was natural for me to call it the name. Anyhow my opions on these blogs are myn and not the companies just needed to clear this up first........

Well what a few weeks.

Well to start on the 13th March my partner and I went over to Amsterdam for a lil break and to watch the world finals.

Got to the hotel and how lucky we got an upgrade for free to an apartment LUSH... just what we needed a day and some time to chill. Had only 1 meeting that day with the lovely leanne from Pole N tone so just mooched round amsterdam untill the meeting.

Amsterdam is a lovely place very relaxing and very chilled me thinks most people are stoned lol but it was very relaxing either way. I myself don;t smoke as i find i am crazy enough without adding wacky backy. But hey all to there own.

Along Paul and I trot to the Dam square in front of the giant willy lol waiting for Leanne.

Bouncing around like a teenager i really had never had a proper long chat with Leanne and after 4 hours and a LOT of drink realized that this lady is a pretty awesome girl. She is very bright and has some amazing ideas and really is looking to progress the industry and loves it as much as me. Like i said we drunk our little hearts out and did great things in those 4 hours.

All will be reveiled in the next few months the outcome :) but all very exciting stuff and i am very pleased that i get to work with such a down to earth lovely girl....

Anyhows. After our alchol fueled meeting Paul and I decided to mooch back to the hotel to a phone call from Sally Ann. Sally and I have been friends for a while and i respect this girl as a dancer and as a person, She is very down to earth. When i had spoken to her before she was very very exited about competiting and hey we had come to Amsterdam to watch her as she is one of my pole heros...

The phone call was not a good one. She had had a call from the guy running the Worlds telling her it was cancelled. I was so shocked. how can you cancel a huge competition 2 days before it was due to happen. there were so many of us here.... So i got on the phone to a few of my friends and did some research just in case, i was in such shock i think both CJ and i needed more confirmation. After 4 phone calls and quite a few upset people it was confirmed. NO WORLD FINALS....

I rung CJ and told her to come over as i did with all the other girls and said we would sort a big night out :) Hey we were in Amsterdam and i knew about 40 people out there so i wasn;t going to pass the opportunity of having a ball.....

Saturday came and Cj arrived at the airport, she was pretty angry needless to say we all were and just needed to chill a bit. So off Paul I went to watch the footy in an Irish Bar. If some don;t know my other half is a mental Man U suporter so was not best amused when liverpool er wooped there butts lol.
During this time i recieved a call from Christian from Chalans school in Netherland. this dude is a legend in himself. He and Natasha had already gone to the sportshallen and had booked a room for us to use and wanted my help. Of course being an organization freak i said yes and the fact that so many had come to Amsterdam to watch pole. I think after the news everyone just wanted to make the best of a bad situation.

When i went to the hotel to meet the girls who had been stranded there were quite a few upset ladies. I was in shock the fact that i was in the same room as 8 of the WORLDS BEST pole dancers, this for lil old me was an honour and well i was like a school kid.
On the sunday at the show we managed to get X-poles ( thanks christian ) and put on a show. After being dropped in the deep end and asked to English Compere lol it was pretty fun.. I forgot what an exhibitionist i am lol and really pretend to be shy but love the lime light hahahah. I was still terrified.
We also had concerns that people who had organised the World finals would show up and cause trouble. the girls were pretty scared.

No one showed up and the show was AMAZING and anyone there will know how emotional it all was. After 24 hours of being Knackered, emotionally stressed and a phone bill the size of well.. you can imagine.

It was great to see everyone working together. ALL of the girls, X-Pole, Polercise, Challans, Pole 2 pole had a stand there and especially my lovely Joel and Phill from Mighty grip who i have to say ladies is a diamond and i have so much love and respect for Joel.. xxx

The evening went aswell as the day and the girls performances were amazing.

Now to the nitty gritty. There has been a lot of going back and forward with rumours of what happened and what didn;t happen in Amsterdam. I for one am not interested in the bitching or back biting. Between ALL of us we made a bad sitation good and prooved that even though we were stuck, many had lost thousands of pounds we could all still pull together to create something amazing.

I have attached some pictures there in my little montage thing

But also have some on my facebook
If you can;t find me i'm under Stacey Pope add me and be nosey. It was such fun.

The outcome of Amsterdam has been the forming of The World Pole Dance Committee this is a NON Profit committee and is still in the early stages of building. Once we have finished forming this we HOPE to all work together to stop this from happening again. I will keep you updated on the progress.

In the mean time I have been in discussions with Sam from the Art of Dance and highly reccomend any instructor performer in the UK joins the Equity. Hopefully good things will come of all of these and finally the pole world can pull together and work together to progress the industry.

I really do mean ALL of us as one. I'm very hopefull this will happen and those with the right attitude will develop...

Anyhow i would like to thank all the lovely ladies and guys i met in Amsterdam.
The ladies that introduced themselves to me . Kate from the berkley centre...... Your wicked.

Leona brolan.

The Polercise Girls,
Natasha and Chritian from Chalans
Joel and Phil from Mighty Grip
John from Pole 2 Pole Mag ( ohh thanks for my double page spread lush )
Leanne from pole N tone
Annie from pure Pole
Gabrilla Albon
And of course my Very Very Patient Fiance paul lol who put up with a hell of a lot in Amsterdam........

right will come back later with San Fran and LA.... Argh so much to say not enough time....


  1. Wow. I wonder what happened??? I belong to a new pole commitee that has some big names involved. You should check us out. It's the pole fitness association (PFA).

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